Jakarta – The Threshold Of the Travel Trove Of Indonesia

Without exploring the capital city of Jakarta, your trip to Indonesia wouldn’t get completeness. As the eleventh largest city, fifth largest metropolitan area and the ninth most densely populated city in the world, Jakarta holds a special importance in the travel map of the country. Generally, the city is considered as a starting or ending point for tourists. The city is located on the northwestern coast of Java Island, at the mouth of the Ciliwung River. The northern portion is a plain land, while the southern parts are mainly a hilly area. Mainly, the city enjoys a tropical climate, which causes a hot and humid weather throughout the year.

Jakarta is well-connected by plane, train, bus and boat with the rest of the country as well as other countries. Soekarno Hatta International airport in Jakarta has connected the city with various countries as well as other cities in Indonesia. Besides, trains, buses and boats are other means to explore the country of Indonesia from here.

With the existence of many foreign as well as domestic immigrants, Jakarta has been enriched with a cosmopolitan flavor and a diversified culture. Be it languages, cuisines or customs- varieties are seen everywhere. The city boasts a number of performance centers and the Senayan center is one amongst them. While traveling in the city, travelers will also experience traditional music as well as wayang and gamelan performances.

The city of Jakarta boasts of a number of worth-seeing places. Some of them are like Jakarta Old Town, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Museum Nasional, Pasar Baru, Monas, Museum Sasmita Loka and Museum Adam Malik. With a number of shopping malls, markets, shopping centers and duty free shops, shopping has become a most-enticing-activity to the travelers here. Though the city is not overloaded with discos and clubs, but a handful of nightclubs, bars and pubs are there, where your nights would be vibrant and exhilarating.

Nevertheless, when it comes to accommodation option in the city, a wide range of hotels in Jakarta won’t disappoint any traveler here. The city has housed all kinds of hotels ranging from luxury accommodation to budget hotels. All main areas like Central, North, South and West Jakarta bestow guests with manifold accommodation options. The city takes pride of its luxury hotels possessed by renowned hotel groups like Hilton, Intercontinental, JW Marriott, Meridien, Shangri-La, Sofitel, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza and Mercure.

At the same time, Jakarta also features several budget hotels providing accommodation as well as necessary amenities at a reasonable rate. Thus, it can be said that the city has catered to all options for both luxury and budget vacationers. Choose a Hotels in Jakarta that meets your needs and budget and enjoy your days in the capital of Indonesia.

Finally, we would highlight on the hotel reservation process. Since, these days, online hotel booking has become very famous; hence, making reservation of a hotel has become easier. This online process is completely secure and authentic with which you can book any hotels in Jakarta in a less period of time.

The Diverse Uses of the World Atlas Map Online

It’s easy to get lost in such a big world, especially if you’re not precise about your directions. In the past human beings would study the stars and planets to reach their destination and for chalking out their travel route. They ultimately reached their destiny with a lot of difficulty and uncertainty. But now traveling to any place across the globe has become “a piece of cake”, thanks to the world atlas.

The World atlas comprises of a whole lot of maps of every country, state, district and city; and now with the help of interactive maps online, such as Google or Yahoo Maps, things have become much easier and predefined.

On Google earth you can track the street right up to the building you are in search of; this is all done with the click of the mouse. That means you are not required any more to run hitherto searching for the map you require; and then all that physical browsing etc. In the present times all relevant date with regard to travel routes, websites, topography etc. is stored in databases that can be accessed through one or more sites instantly. These maps and information can be downloaded, saved and printed; which can be used as per your needs and requirements.

Thus, if you’re traveling and you are unable to find your way, just take out the map pertaining to the place you’re in and make your way out; you’ll never get lost irrespective whether you are in any unfamiliar city, town, district, forest, mountain region etc. The world Atlas is a real travel guide in this regard.

Maps have undergone a sea change over the years; once upon a time these were mainly topographical and depicted landmarks; but the modern maps have become capitalized and are now being circulated and transmitted through a GPS unit. Good examples of such maps would be Google maps, Yahoo Maps etc. and today there are thousands of sites displaying compact information on maps in the world Atlas.

These sites allow its users to key-in their destination which in turn direct them in every perspective to the place that they wanted to reach.

In the uk, if any one wanted to move around the city, all he or she would have to do is carry a world Atlas along and refer to the map of the place, city, or landmark that needs to be reached. If you’re carrying a laptop, palmtop, PDCs etc. or any other portable electronic device, then you can have access to them almost instantly; and with Wi-Fi systems ruling the uk market, accessing the world Atlas online has become child’s play.

A Stressed-Free Travel With Garmin GPS Maps

Never get lost anymore with Garmin GPS maps! This accurate navigational tool is great for travelling whether by land, sea, or air. You can now keep track with your destination and determine the progress of your journey with just a press of a button.

The GPS maps come with different features like the Map page, the Navigation page with compass, the Highway page, Heading Display and North Reference, and the Location and Datum Formats.

In the Map page, an electronic map that is so similar to a paper map would be loaded which can be zoomed in and zoomed out by the user through the panning arrow making the items on the map more readable. The viewing area is adjustable so the user can decide which part of the map can only be seen. Aside from that, the user may set it into its base map to get a general view of the location.

On the other hand, the Navigation page with compass along with the Highway page helps in tracking the time, distance, speed, and heading information. Even when stationary, the electronic compass on GPS maps can still provide information for directions.

Meanwhile, the Heading Display and North Reference, which can be found under the navigation settings, lets you choose on how you should be navigated. Determining the magnetic declination of the current position of the user can be done at once since the GPS would automatically calculate it.

Whether checking the current location or the target location, the location and Datum Formats provides more information about it like the elevation, depth, temperature, pressure, and others.

Truly, the GPS maps are essential tools for travelling. One can even create a path that suits the user while constantly tracking the destination by creating location marks. Since the device can be customized wherein the user can modify how the map should display the items and how big are the text sizes, reading the map have become less difficult. It also lets the user record the time and distance of his or her journey thus he or she can predict the approximate time of his or her arrival in their last stop. GPS maps are also upgradeable. All the user has to do is access the internet and download the latest map that they needed in their computer and transfer it to their GPS maps device.

One good thing about GPS maps are its capability to constantly correct any deviations or errors that has been incurred. The GPS maps can actually tell how far the user has gone right or left from the track thus getting lost during a journey would be very unlikely.

The accuracy of GPS maps guarantee a faster and more convenient travel whether it is by land, by sea, or by air. Hence, with Garmin GPS maps, one can assure a stressed-free journey.

The best GPS Map Device In the present Market – A Travellers Delight

The newly enhanced GPS map device offers a host of additional features than what was derived from its highly popular predecessors. The handheld device benefits from a new design which looks sleek and attractive to look at. Recent devices with 2. 6 inch screen and 65-k color display with a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels are the talk of the town. The screen is clearly visible even in broad day light which make it an ideal instrument that can be used at any time of the day.

The device is also equipped with a GPS receiver through HotFix which is highly sensitive and offers the best reception capabilities. The quad helix antenna attached to the phone offers unparalleled reception. The device is also water proof with a streamlined design making it ideal to be used even in rugged conditions.

The gadget is installed with a world base map through which the user can receive support via geocaching (paperless). The world map comes with the shade relief that offers greater choice in the form of marine/road maps and other maps that include detailed topographic images. This is a feature that is sure to take your navigational performance to the next level.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it you can use routes that have been uploaded by other users to explore new places. This way you can share waypoints, track routes and geocachers wirelessly between other compatible devices. The experience of these travels can then be uploaded through social networking forums like Facebook or twitter. The device also has a 3-axis compass that will enable the user to derive accurate readings even when it is not held in a levelled manner.

Other attributes such as the barometric altimeter can be used to track the traveller’s altitude to a precise degree. This is calculated through fluctuations in pressure changes while the altimeter can also be used to keep an eye on the weather. External connections to the device can be carried out through a high-speed USB interface.

Satellite images can be made to integrate with your maps through the Birds Eye Satellite imagery. The user would have to however get a subscription before the feature can be utilized. The device offers up to 20 hours of battery life and requires 2 AA batteries to function.

The instrument is perfect for travellers, trekkers, hunters, geocachers, hikers and mappers. The device can also be used for marine or automotive purposes which make its features highly versatile.

New Orleans – Get a Downtown Map to travel the City

New Orleans is a strange town, different from others in the united states and different from others in Louisiana. New Orleans has a history of many flags and just as many ways of determining how to add to the originally tiny settlement and then make directions and pictures of how to get from one place to another. Perhaps “Downtown New Orleans Map” is a fancy name for the original, now archived, handwritten maps that guided early settlers and later immigrants around New Orleans. To this day, New Orleans residents do not recognize North, South, East or West, but instead, give directions based on landmarks and where a place is in relationship to the Mississippi River or Lake Pontchartrain. A street map is a necessity for anyone who wants to get from where he is to where he wants to go, even in this day of GPS’ and OnStar.

First of all, one must understand a bit of history about New Orleans before one can even read a downtown New Orleans map. Streets have a way of changing their names as they wander through their city. Often a street will have new name every few blocks. Knowing this will help a traveler find her way in the city. As new nationalities arrived in the port city, they settled in different parts of the ever-expanding town. The French were first and settled on the only dry land, now known as the French Quarter. Soon after, suburbs were needed to house the increasingly larger population. The French landowners divided their holdings into Faubourgs or suburbs and named them appropriately after themselves. The first Faubourg, Marigny, was named after the holder of the land. Soon after more subdividing took place. Each time a land owner subdivided and added to the city, he named the streets after his favorite people or fascination. In the Quarter, the original streets are not named as they were originally. Craps, now Bourbon Street, was named Crapeaux after the French supposedly taught the Americans how to play Craps. Even now Bourbon Street is not named after the whiskey, but the House of Bourbon in France, the reigning family when the French settled New Orleans.

Realizing that streets not only changed names as they wound around, but also when a new wave of immigrants arrived is necessary to understand how to read today’s maps.

Canal Street divides the city. Below Canal is a part of the city. It is not South as one might expect. No, it is North, almost. All French Quarter street names change at Canal Street. Above Canal is the American part of the city and is called Uptown even though it is a south of Canal Street. The entire city is built inside a bend in the Mississippi River, with the sides of the river being called the East and West Banks, even though the West Bank is directly South of the East bank. Confused yet? Need a map?

Often an address is stated like this: “The house is on the river, uptown side of New Orleans and another will be on the downtown, lakeside of the city. ” And New Orleanians understand it perfectly. So if you are traveling to New Orleans, get a Downtown New Orleans Map. You will need it.

Handbag Market – Great Info Regarding Wholesale Designers Hand Bags

Wholesale designer inspired handbags are bags that are inspired and planned from designer handbags or fashion markets and you can find handbags which look similar to those bags that are publicized in the most recent magazines, celebrity magazines and in television or in the Internet. Celebrity fashion and designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Ferdi, Prada, Chanel, Gucci and Dior or Ferragamo and Versace or Chloe state about the fashion trend in handbags intended for special season. Celebrities follow also these trends in bags and it is normal for fashionable women to acquire these handbags or purses.

Designer bags are generally made of superior quality materials; they have extremely nice designs, classic collectors such as European and American designers. Majority of people can afford to buy designer handbags. Wholesale fashionable motivated handbags are the best choice of fashion conscious women who are not capable to afford the costs of costly original designer bags.

Producers of wholesale fashionable inspired handbags make handbags which are inspired via designers and offer superior quality as well as style. From designer imitation handbags to fashionable clutches, fashionable inspired handbags appear nice like the original bags. If you buy wholesale fashionable inspired bags you can consider that you acquired an original fashionable bag, you may get a good discount so you can be able to buy several designs.

It may also provide you a chance to make more money, by purchasing wholesale bags and some purses at wholesale costs and you may offer the bags to your clients in retail cost. Fashionable inspired handbags may be bought a part of the cost of a fashionable handbag and you can find them in little boutiques and mostly high end sellers.

Another grand way of buying these bags is to look for wholesale handbags online. Wholesale fashionable bags are extremely a nice choice to be changed by original fashionable handbags or genuine fashion handbags. If you want to invest, start your business and begin shopping on wholesale bags. With fashionable inspired handbags/bags you may make good proceeds without spending too much capital on purse.

Digging Up the Hand Bag Market

In a capitalist country, a business is both an independent unit in the economy; it is run for profit, and part of a complex political and legal system. A company’s goal is not only to satisfy the customers but also to meet the expectations of the employees, to watch on competitors and to make a good impression to the public.

Most business has three major components: production, finance and marketing. The production function specifies the output of a firm, an industry, or an entire economy for all combination of inputs. This function is an assumed technological relationship, based on the current state of engineering knowledge; it does not represent the result of economic choices, but rather is an externally given entity that influences economic decision-making. While the finance function consists of the people, technology processes and policies that dictate tasks and decisions related to financial resources of a company. Depending on the organization and the industry in which it operates, this function may be simple or complex.

The function of marketing is the sale and distribution of the firm’s goods and services to the public. The management also includes planning, administering, and controlling. Marketing isn’t used to identify the customer, or to satisfy the customer, but to leave the customer on its own. With the customer as the focus of its sandwich, it can be concluded that marketing management is one of the major components of business management.

Today, different products were being sold in many different ways. One good example of this is the handbag market. Bags emerged fashionably from time to time. There are some who got addicted to collecting bags such as backpack, shoulder bag, sling bag, and now handbag. Handbag market can be a good business if you love bags.

Handbag is a handled medium-to-large bag that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women and used to hold personal items such as wallet, purse, keys, gloves, cosmetics, a hairbrush, mobile phone or personal digital assistant, feminine hygiene products, etc.. As the demand for handbag increases, the handbag marketing also increases.

Women consider a handbag a sanctuary. They even cannot leave the house without carrying one. Being artistic, handbag crafted from leather became top of the list in handbag marketing. The fine leather and the utilization of superior textures and high class colors are the important features for the rising popularity and increase in the demand of handbags. This is because of its colorful and popularity in the market place.

Handbags come in various sizes and shapes and there is sure to be one to please you. This makes the handbag attractive to some ladies. Size does matter. Aside from the various sizes, top quality handbags are one factor. This is also available in the market place. Nothing is unavailable when it comes to handbag marketing. As long as it is eye- catching enough to have our attention, it will be worth our money. Besides, bags are not just accessories, they are considered a necessity.

Which Hand Bag to buy in 2009

When you think about a new year, you normally have optimistic feelings towards the new beginning. You may also want to go for a new image to kick start the new year off, and this can often mean buying a new outfit or some new accessories – especially probably more so if you are female. One of the accessories many of my female friend love to purchase is a new handbag! There is nothing like accessorising your new outfit – whether it be a new skirt or dress – than with new accessories such as a new handbag.

2009 is, in my eyes, going to be a little different to 2008. We are going to feel a little poorer due to the so called Credit crunch. So my recommendation for a new bag in 2009 is actually somebody else’s old bag or a very cheap bag! Yes, that’s right; I am suggesting that rather than going out and purchasing the very latest designer offering, why not take a look around your local charity shops or cheap bag shops in the less pricey areas in town. Many a bargain can be had if you keep your eyes peeled in charity shops, or shops which deal in discount item.

So rather than spending large amounts of money on designer bags next year, put some of that money aside in your bank account and spend half what you would normally spend on a budget back or even a second hand one in your local charity shop!

Hand Bag – Learn how to Get The best Hand Bag

Designer Handbags

Not all designer handbags are impossibly small or unnecessarily big, thus, when you choose an imitation designer handbag, you will save money and loose nothing but that tiny, designer brand-name label. The most famous designer handbags are always the impressive and most expensive handbags, however they are virtually always the highest quality handbags as well.

Ladies are increasingly investing in fashion accessories, particularly designer handbags, you’ve probably seen sites advertising replica designer handbags. Sometimes, they even come with replica designer tags, dust bags, and receipts. is it a genuine designer handbag or a knock-off that would naturally be available at a significantly lower price. One needs a discerning eye to spot a genuine, discounted designer handbag in a market flooded with many fakes.

If you have an eye for detail, you can save a lot of cash while buying wholesale designer handbags for resale. A source for wholesale designer handbags is eBay. Counterfeit fashion is a universally growing business, and it is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate designer handbags from non real ones.

Knockoff designer goods are readily available on the street in areas such as Los Angeles’ Santee Street and New York’s Canal Street, on the internet alone, there are literally hundreds of sites selling fake designer handbags at low low costs. There’s a new kid on the block in the wonderful, wacky world of designer handbags, can you guess? Owner and writer of Designer Fashion Trends – all of the latest on Fashion Info. There are many web sites out there claiming to sell authentic designer handbags, but there is no simply formula that will determine whether a web site sells authentic designer handbags.

Designer Purses

This allows you to have two purses for the price of one. USE THE CLOTH: Cloth purses are very casual fashion items but they are very popular, of course, buckles have been in for the last couple years and they will still be found on Wholesale Prada handbags, Gucci and Dior purses as well. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are literally thousands of beautifully crafted unique handbags and purses available for purchase online, here is a brief rundown of what’s coming in unique purses and handbags in 2008.

Cigar Box Purses, the unique women who carries a cigar box purse likes to be different and stand out from the crowd. There are many different kinds of leather purses as well, for this very reason, leather purses usually cost more than any other material, but just remember that it’s also going to last longer than any other handbag.

Brown Leather Bag – Definitely not a Hand Bag For Men

Leather bags should not be scoffed since it is a timeless accessory that transcends the fickle nature of style. Visit any city, you can find men walking the streets with their messenger bags. Leather bags look trendy even its worn or distressed but obviously depends upon the style of the bag. Brown leather looks good with any outfit and that is the key to find a Brown Leather Messenger Bag.

It may not be appropriate thing to carry any type of bag when you step into a board meeting. With that said brown leather messenger bags exude professionalism or can make an easy transition from work world to casual world. It protects your valuables safely. These bags are designed with the leather coupled in inner lining which prevents water penetrating in it. This bag would be a right choice for people who carry books and large items because it is less compartmentalized.

Many men have reservations about carrying a leather messenger bag sometimes it resemble like a female bag. But certainly, it’s not a handbag! Brown Leather Bag has its own epitome of style, masculinity and class. These bags are designed extremely a myriad of configurations with a limited number of compartments. There is variety of brown messenger bags features to carry laptop. There is a reinforced and pouch padded so that you can store the cord of the laptop. The buttons of the bag are designed in a strong grid feet, it lets the bag to stand when you place down. You can carry even materials with high weight as it has stronger straps.