5 Delightful Dishes You Must Try Near Juhu Beach

Juhu is one of the most popular areas of Mumbai. Apart from being a posh area as many celebrities and business owners have their lavish houses in Juhu, the main reason for the popularity of this area is the Juhu beach. You can easily book cheap hotels in Mumbai at Yatra to explore the beauty of this beach. It is one of the most famous beaches of our country, and everyday people come to visit this place. It is a place for contentment, joy, serenity (if you can find amidst the chaos), and good food. There are a plethora of food joints near the beach, and people come from various parts of the country to try out these delicious food items. There are a variety of food items available, and they are so mouth watering, you cannot afford to miss them. Here is our list of 5 most delightful dishes near Juhu beach which everyone must try.

  1. Chaat

Mumbai is already famous for the chaat and panipuri. And in the Juhu beach food stalls, you can try the Dahi kachori chaat, ragda chaat, samosa chaat, raj bhog chaat, pakodi chaat, mix chat are some of the chaat varieties which you can try near the Juhu beach. They add lots of spices to the chaat, and it makes it a taste variant and hence every chaat tastes differently. It is garnished with sliced onions, garnished coriander, and cut lemon.

  1. Sandwich

We bet you that you would not have tried your hands on such a large variety of sandwiches ever that is being served at the food joints near Juhu beach. There are lots of joints which serve sandwiches, and The Lucky Sandwich is one of the popular ones. They serve grilled sandwiches with cheese, mayonnaise and pudina chatni. One plate sandwich is enough for satisfying your stomach but not your heart.

  1. Tava Pulao

We suggest you try Tava Pulao near the Juhu beach, if not you will regret it badly. The rice is fried in the tava or the pan, and it is a bit spicy. They serve it with sliced tomatoes, lemons and onions. They also give a small bowl of dahi or curd with chaat masala infused in it. And a papad is a must with this dish. This is really tasty, soft and a must try at the place. Try the best tava pulao at the Kartik Pav Bhaji and Fast Food centre.

  1. Varieties of Dosas

Considering dosa is one of the most popular dishes in every part of India, there are too many stalls that sell dosa near the Juhu beach. Mysore masala dosa and the rava dosa obviously tops the list. Along with that paneer dosa, chocolate dosa, pizza dosa, cut dosa, pasta dosa, chilly cheese dosa, Manchurian dosa and the list is not going to end. Try out the dosas from Dhanalaxmi dosa centre and Nandu dosa for some great varieties. Enjoy these dosas, a ten – minute walk away when you stay in Mumbai.

  1. Pav Bhaji

Can you imagine that we can complete this list without having the mention of Pav Bhaji? Having Pav Bhaji at Juhu beach is a must. You get mouthwatering pan-fried pav in butter along with the delicious spicy bhaji with the spoonful of melting butter on it. The garnish done with the coriander leaves and onions make it more drooling. They serve it extremely hot, and you cannot resist in just one plate. Also, Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji centre is famous for serving the best pav bhaji in the area.

These were few from the plethora of mouth-watering dishes that you get near Juhu beach. Your day at the beach is not complete if you do not try out these delicacies. Do not miss out on these and make sure to try out at the recommended places. Also, if you have some great places for these dishes near the beach, do let us know.