Activities to do while in Costa Rica

With an agreeable climate all through the year, Costa Rica has to be one of the best travel choices to make for your summer vacations. June is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica, what with the clear summer sky and the jaw-dropping coastline ahead of you. In case you are feeling quite feisty, take a look at some of the Costa Rica Beach Resorts, where you can spend time with your loves ones and still find plenty to do in the outdoors.

If you are planning your next vacation destination to be Costa Rica, here are a few activities you might want to check out before filling out that itinerary.

Coffee Tours

Before the country saw a sudden surge in tourism, Costa Rica’s economy had coffee as its sole driving force. If you are looking for an unconventional holiday, a coffee tour is one of the best activities you can go for. The country has provisions for a guided tour of coffee farms and processing facilities, which can act as a great experience with regards to your morning cuppa and where it comes from. These tours also act as a great source of information about the Tico civilization, their culture and history.

Volcano Watching

Costa Rica is home to some of the famous active volcanoes in the world. Although there might be no lava flowing, the volcano Arenal is still quite an impressive place to visit and one of the premier volcanoes to visit when in the country.Irazú and Poás would be the second and third volcanoes to pay a visit to, since they too, have their own attractions to show off.

Canopy Tours

Home to an abundance of rainforests, Costa Rica is extremely popular for its numerous canopy tours. In the past decade, tourists from all over the world have flocked to Costa Rica in order to explore the vast canopies present in its rainforests. The canopy tours mostly comprise of naturalist educational tours across the forests, but they also have zip-lining as an activity to lure in all the adventure lovers with the thrill of the ride.


What with all the pristine beaches and the Costa Rica Beach Resorts all over the country, surfing or windsurfing come across as a popular choice of activity for many tourists who visit the place. The country proudly boasts of some world renowned breaks, which make it a must-go for all surfing fans. The famous Lake Arenal an exquisite setting for surfers with its balmy waters and an average wind speed of 24 mph. all the surfing areas are fully equipped with proper rental facilities for both the sports.

Did you find your favorite activity on this list? If yes, go ahead and plan your vacation to Costa Rica in style!