When on holiday there are more luxurious ways to travel if we explore them. This includes travelling to and from a destination as well as when we are there. We can, for instance, consider the different classes of air travel or go for the most stylish and luxurious of all and book ourselves on a private jet. We can hire a car once reaching our destination and then that can be the model of our choice for those parts.
The choice is ours and we can have more freedom with it when we book our holiday as separate components rather than as a package. This does not at all though, mean that you cannot book packages! Vacay packages come in handy when you are traveling in big groups to a place you have never visited before. Say, for instance, you would like to visit the South American country of Peru, you will definitely need a helping hand especially if you do not know the local language. Vacations packages to Peru can then, come in handy, which might include a tourist guide and translator to accompany you in your travels. However, this is solely based on one’s individual choice.

Nonetheless, let us begin our journey to luxury and experience a more stylish way of life while on holiday.

The Different Classes of Air Travel

It will be determined by cabin configuration but a commercial jet will generally have three travel classes to choose between. These are Economy Class, Business Class, or First Class.

Economy Class is the cheapest form of air travel. Cabins for this class will be divided into two categories. You can have Regular Economy and Premium Economy. Regular Economy offers basic accommodation and a standard service that offers no obvious perks. It is simply a chosen method for flying from A to B. Premium Economy slightly upgrades this but the differences will vary between airlines so it can be difficult to know what you are receiving extra unless you are a regular flyer. Primarily, these differences will relate to the spacing of seating and the number of menu options.

Business Class or Executive Class is the next most expensive form of air travel in terms of the ticket price but offers fewer perks than First Class. Some airlines have abandoned this type of seating.

First Class will be the most expensive form of air travel possible on a commercial flight. Passengers will be allocated more comfortable seating and the service they receive will be more extravagant. If opting for this, you are likely to find the sections occupied by the more wealthy passengers, although whatever your wealth, there is nothing to stop you from becoming one of them for the day or several days of your special holiday.

Private Jets

Next, in a class of their own, you have private jets. You can opt for these when you take charge of booking a holiday yourself and in separate parts. Otherwise, with a holiday package, you will automatically be booked onto a commercial flight as standard. However, if you are wanting to see what it’s like to fly on a private jet to your destination, then perhaps look to research the cost to rent private jet flights, and see if you can arrive in style!

Private jets have several advantages. They guarantee you more space, luxury seating, and personal service where your every need is catered for. They have luxury fittings inside and the latest technology. You will not have to wait around at airports because you can schedule the private jet for a time convenient to you. Privacy is increased not only by you flying with just those you booked the plane for but by you being able to board it at a separate terminal away from the main airport. You also eliminate potential delays such as lost luggage and can arrive at destinations more quickly because you are travelling directly and private jets can also fly high above the clouds to avoid the bad weather that is below. Conversely, commercial airliners have to stick to a set flight path and cannot anyway fly high above clouds. Also, you would then be with the melee of passengers waiting for a potentially delayed flight, which invariably many of them are.

Luxury Vehicles or Sports Cars

When you hire a vehicle, you have the opportunity to hire one more luxurious than your own. You could hire the sports car that you have always dreamed of.

A luxury vehicle can be considered a high-end brand that will have luxury features incorporated. It will look sleek, have comfortable seats and a plush interior, and its engine will be powerful. Of course, you’ll need to know how to drive one, so you’ll need lessons if you’re a new driver. Driving lessons Chester-le-street (or similar driving lessons in your own local area) can help you if you’re just starting out driving, or even if you’re experienced and just in need of a bit of a refresh.

Luxury vehicles are more spacious in that they will generally fit 5 people inside with 2 large and 2 small suitcases. So, they can be the way to travel to the airport in style. Why not make every part of your trip special, from the moment you leave home, to the moment you land with your holiday completed for another year? Your children will remember a holiday more that you made special.

Chauffeur-Driven Vehicles

There is nothing to compare to a chauffeur-driven vehicle. To have someone else take care of the driving for you. To be a passenger where the interiors are luxurious. Chauffeur-driven limousines spring to mind. Stretch versions of these will house many of your family or friends together, where you can all chat in a care-free way. They are popular for school proms, stag or hen nights, and when larger groups want to travel in more luxury than a hired minibus may provide. Moreover, the issue of safety is also tackled when it comes to hiring luxury vehicles. Most companies that provide chauffeur-driven vehicles ensure that they stay up to date on motor vehicle regulations – DOT Compliance for example – likely with the help of integrated software from providers like Lytx. So if carefree and fun is what you’re looking for, then this could be the way to go.

To conclude, air travel is divided up into different classes of luxury, with private jets being considered the most luxurious of all forms of air travel. Travelling in luxury vehicles can make a holiday or occasion special and one to remember fondly. The chauffeur-driven option will mean that the driving is taken care of by someone else while you just relax and enjoy your holiday or event.

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