Although the blog is run by me, aka Margot, my husband is an integral part of this project. The idea for the blog was born together with the idea of a year-long honeymoon around the world.

First of all it is a great form of contact with our families – they can follow our travel steps, stories and adventures. But this is not the only motivation. We would also like to publish here valuable informative articles, i.e. posts which help to prepare one’s own journey, be it shorter or longer.

Of course, if you need to get information about a particular place because you plan to visit it during your vacation, you should also find the necessary information here! Sharing my travel diaries, including prices in a given place, will probably be very helpful. Welcome on Travel101!

In addition to the bragging, we want to give something back

Although there are many bloggers or vloggers nowadays, we decided to expand this group! I often missed direct information on the blogs about the budget for the trip, or the expenses incurred for the preparation. The topic of money is often a taboo. On our blog we are not going to treat it that way. Money does not fall from the sky, and the trip does not finance itself.

One year trip around the world sounds like a fairy tale, often something impossible to achieve. We are going to show you that this fairy tale is not out of reach for an ordinary person, working full time and saving every penny!

And who exactly are we?

Just people who want to break out of the usual pattern of life, i.e. studies, job, wedding, family. Our first common exotic trip was born on a spontaneous basis and took place four years ago. I am talking about a trip to India in August 2014. Since then, year after year, we have been organizing individual vacation trips to further corners of the world, but always for a period of 2-3 weeks of vacation.

What do we expect from our travels?

We believe that every trip is greatly educating us, opening us up to difference and allowing us to appreciate the opportunity to experience each day. I dream of consciously appreciating that we are healthy, have a loving family and most of all, ourselves. In the fast-paced everyday life we often complain about the situations we find ourselves in. I would like to change my attitude and treat every situation as a challenge which I accomplish with a smile on my face.┬áIn addition, during our honeymoon we would like to assess where in the world we can best live. We are open to change – and so is Travel101. Stay tuned!